A Dogwood Testimony

Hey baby, rhythm level perfect,
sandalwood soap deposited at the feet of Isis
to embark another working. Amoeboid,
unctuous courses, Binah is more effective

now than actuality in application. Formulas
astonish, directing the gape to the lamp,
Imblup Standwana in the Forbulos Chickbe.
Wait to dampen with filth, cannot

estimate dark versus light, cannot hasten
apart from nature. Fornicating writ.
Dangerous as a perhaps hand to harness
Fascinta and the bindu within, the gerund

Happy Book Hotel traded on a laymanís phrase
goes nowhere, coterminous with
that gap-toothed empress
Alli Bem Challa, queen of the Hotel,

and Dimnah her elemental daughter.
Jackpaw, Hobo Bee Joe... Calculating the years
flung hither and yon, a map of Osirisí limbs.
Loti aching, wombs bidding wombs, is understand

equal to belief? Breathing letters everywhere,
thick-skinned turnip-eatersí opportunity to be barbarous,
an animus is what alleviates the mind,
extrapolates the urge to conquer:

That year they ate what they had, pickle or shoe.
In other words, a blackened heart is quiet necessity.
Spelunca, spinthers, spilth,
lack the shade, be heat degradedó

trammel with Ching Wing! Long for the danger
of a fling with the statue in the garden wearing
an amber chunk ring! Scarlet affluence
is in him where a compass is tested, unblinking eye.
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