Happy Book Hotel, Chief Book One

Badgers eye quar vee mee
in Hollis Chimbo.

Quincipals of parts. Parts of where we were.
Ashchelpephene. Inconstrabalanwhite verge clime
of shutill mensbleak fortune quime of inwait.
Rags fallush gillmen whone the wails. Shutuss
Sup malpromise victor med allscheeky whale
of a time gulwush.

          If emens fled chawl.
In Hortis Frene back bawl the gjeds.
Ghoul Wimpsen’s eye jailwashed chelvy.
Barners groo bedge forcats mah maw.
Ish ill? Come poo patch pritchy all
gebbuds the grib.

          Orfatris Elgup

As the geezhuls thru Eggs formwarning
bantree help midgewish thru the door.
Mensisflow back grup do help us.
Opening the door banchelsflied elwuss.
Me it’s me through the doorbasementdown.
Below grawls, Bellchowfoe. Goobys live. Shush.
Inscape of calls to glory. Babwise chintry
flat dead footed. Not knot the wayes—
Cullasaja’s calm gun hand. Onn’s ol’ walchise
vinser rinser on Tilby’s vid. Banscropper
has shown webby teeth. Old gammer on
the vale:

Why is six afraid of seven?
          ‘Cause seven ate nine.

Alphabet: worms grubwork the maze for meridians.
Two-inch Chinese snakes latched on tongues provoke
immediate venom highs, slick wiggles out of test tubes lunge.

Ceegamints too touch. Alls kelmin on the grill.
Vanishfly olgates too gibred. Shawl me ats fone:
chop um wee. Gaw traw going to fraw widget.
Owl gammers choo flies belmin.
Seaschy Elmfly, claws bow elmin.
Cormagammits vall, no bidgewhips empty
trulla fine geesy in minst. Jog Elbamy’s
compasstristwiss. Ozchee, novalls fliebed.

Novamogo Forg Mi
Forg Mi
Forg Mi
Novamogo Forg Mi

Shugminger on dew bangs quippy fedge.
Forgolds weapons ark bencher fadglays.
Overshawl mintrug. Minny Vansho in
a trunk, Gorm Vallflavor hit Thebes inches,
          allturf altar
          aams chow menmeant
          oldest madger on
          Chelm’s tree
chemistry gadflies thou Juballed flame.
Gorkillays nom knobby showglass virtians:

O the firchin sin gold.
Rosy cheeked and wedded woe,
where will you bed tonight?
Out in the meadows where the sheep shine so
. Meet me and show me the way to
your house. Old and I’m weary the ban’s
almost done, get ready to throw down
and follow the leader and get closest done.
Why is the welter past heat and all versions?
Give me a ticket I can’t stop to rest,
through muscles of curves I slide to your
breast, the shallows are sided, the vision’s
to rest: A’s wingback turkle of shellgots.

O swiller. Her. In. He’s way past a whim,
gold banquetry bought
and the on wind bends so low to off.

Easy chimes in a three of woaster woes.
Whoah. Stirmanny Insfleet his prawn
theel eek. Lowback jebmow go the bats
headroom. And a droom and a droom
and a ball your friend’s heart. With a
willaweck willweck holy and shark,
Siz came was Hark Harsterson.
Wha chit coballed mone whip?
Ineh whip wines ineh rue mow miff.
Jeebafleck jebafleck alls your raskin,
Jeebafleck jebafleck alls your raskin.

Muntrall herds cloakstim eggway legions.
Cam’s aim will ull her.
Nom’s cheap chickfillin bolsters I’m un helm.
Ef yume orb ad Thebes whelm, whoobid ad thud

Shock vabmins onby shib!
Shoode strade fore thud orth.

ABC—which do you choose?
Multiply the form of man’s abomination,
choose the backrace and the mind,
cruel mats the matrace fines the fire.
Gool. Edsfalm Holmes chetch thin
meadspander. Ominice prays. Cool bags
gid muh midwace. Coodge barmin holes
as wise welger of hoog keeky mise.
Coork Coork went wires of wain flame
puts out Pelder Oms, Colebatch a goodswent.
Gods matching a coal in a shillchill place!
Over there, look, it’s the old wait whistle.
We can peel rust off the rails. Chips came
down for the whelk’s engraving. What had
the little chimb to do for a lob of crib?

No bally consher conch or coach a growler.
Have a cope and a shhhmile.
Goads wadding wentelf went wanch
wanch wan cher.

Thumb in a wheel of gebbamunts mega
hull phase. Mitcher’s chomb wap wopper.
Not til’her have gilters sword grest gone
chowing joe de jump in wake thistles.

Cho faming goba lunch chosty Noh.
It’s schalla schwee. Caver champion
of mold, death’s weed. What climbed
mansions of ivy on her leg—waste in
prior ice tuh fuff Lill. Prior constambulations
revoke the mystery to unwith.

Come away with your wagsters,
nothings called will—sabbatical
Oven Witches on well.

Deeb weebin, gome chain white bast of
Shum’s sight emcrest, edgefiend in winter
loe, Ar, lore, lord of weltering wings,
          teenage fornsbejabble.

Mr. E’s allweze jot pallawince and
pallawince chases Colmammy Dot.
Wookshims strap bowl, ruddish clay,
bane sicks man to move
no waste in what away.

Blah Key’s in a chair,
ha-derry-oh, just blokes in chairs indeed.

Old grimy blokesbenders got the mam.

Whoo, chute up her mammygoat
underleggings, wet soupy mess wet soupy
mess. Chall baby’s dove and kiss a little
mammy, slow down a bit mammy,
you’re making me dizzy:

Wizzy wise homeworker,
wiz dew on my mushroom.

League of night walking home.
League of night walking home.
Coronation:    Jack Paw.
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