Notes on Spirit Language as Anima

When line makes friends with naming, calls expression
Lack of solutions beneath this countenance
Within this body, these
Suitcase glyphs

A cruel speech incapable of expressing
A cruel speech incapable of expressing
A cruel speech incapable of expressing

Zoophytes, phytoplankton
In a separate sea
Doubling members of Diopsis, so many refractions
Accidents rain gutturals in tubes
Acorn doorways, cracks in shell fossils
If stepping free implies a body
Then stepping free

Mother rubbed her stomach—so—and the
basket was half-full of corn
Then rubbed her armpits—so—and filled
the basket with beans

Act of speech as line
Toasting the in-between, scars and air

Encounter with a transitory Being
Prisms of time successively traveled in bits
The meaning miners will be indefatigable
And only one can make them
The Being in transit
History recedes in a vacuum
Toward an astral horizon
A Spirit Language
Left to right capsules, these characters

Anemones of doubling, how names are made

Dane Hoggleton, whisper of success
Haycles McElb, truer of most
Roland Chester, booker of math
Gemcaid Lance, holer of page
Rodstick Lonny, wringer of bags
Doosy Mopfender, loser of breath
Shagrifa Lux, needer of boxes
Vesper Ilyinia, chaser of lavender
Tereo Manker, spitter of kelp
Lampia Scape, snaker of cabinet

At which point
line words
become vegetable?

Cyclical distillations
Doubling under
Spagyric preparations
The matter of this spirit is speech
Salt, Sulphur, and Mercury
In capsules lacking solutions
Thoth hooks, spawn of question marks
A corpus in Diopsis
A locus of resurgence
Anytime, anywhere. Assured results?

Wizmick Cozmasta          Seashai Stocka
Kivus Grintle          Boldeh Racksus
Shownonod          Ornathra Koing Dau
Geepless Pluey Pi          Sheek Lestlus Ow
Chavelsbee Thundrecker          Kapelsjaw Simper
Bingso Tantle          Chasefaddy Jutube
Armsum Rulee          Cinnaglade Mapalo
Shewebits Auger          Riolumb Baubledrum
Caskuslay Finterslit          Powbum of Uvisgrow
Swaint Clocksurniture          Sno Snu Skim
Vackslet Yogun          Wat Chixstu Plax
Pelgeus Honeygeld          Chasty Clasktoe
Pacejim Hisjeck          Dag Arrow
Numald Oast          Rettry Wreathdale
Fishompin Slezdattle          Foose Picklytoot

Where is square one simplified?
What is exact is not connoted by these
Flaming spatial denotations, ellipses
Curving, always a serif wild
Certainty in puddles
In puddings crafted quickly, pushing
Intention to shake
What means to stroke
Which plurally change
Transmogrify the scribe, a ceaseless redoing speech, sans voce

Trilliby Prackfink
Langdo Midhow
Qualler Tanplans

Linkabber Scrowkits
Monque Vonblonker
Derry Sib Rollo

Zadra Shuntrisan
Easel Moe
Dallerby Danerib

Finnerly Lopswanticker
Corpalabs Groob
Vertanifodge Hammel

Nonoon Wimlifeck
Backery Tonbrogister
Pallaster Zonqueak

Midihon Mikilo
Quop Bandalol Dowbroy
Lechumpess Illacroff

Caverns chase cursive chains

cons repeat themselves

in letters, worse than the truth

to continue leaflessly this tree

Imagine engine Fascinta:

lies hailed that form a universe.
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