Happy Book Q & A

How many rooms does Butch have keys to?
In many mansions was mentioning built
by Fascinta, cartography on the
impetus of naming, the Snowbird tribe
called him White Bear and Butch stood,
growing still. He who later talked to the birds
and remained there seated on high granite,
Devilís Courthouse, where carpets
of trees went ashen in flames below.

Ballinrobe, stufantius malm,
coorved on Plainmorbs son Kelvins,
dappinware tubbed sallids helmin,
tancleved gob teeny shillfived

Black candles of night, black candles of time.
Black candles of sight hold the stars in Quelb.
Podiums of time have studied the vestments of Quelm.

The Madgers of Quelm distasteful
to Stim Son Noots, gravilandrus doove.
Ton Sageian, the Dorg Latriface in sansparvun gallep,
Froker Patweem sundered on casements of ice,
Jagged Racer not seeing what flowers betoken,
forsythia sinpabes becuttered in the flockbraids.
This is the motion of making rain,
the Being-Friend-To-The-Wind.

When one jumps or is thrown
from the Courthouse
the body is enveloped in
smoke-shagged mist.
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