A Naming Grotto

Corked head and a fallow season, but the hoods
          children wear for water are tinky,

Pob Don Loods and I will Taggle Graglobs,
          Lon Tosty Pudaks, Mamon Kill.
           Wonlort Frandep Snork. The yabbowlecks
          and childern happorning, Tulod Snow.
          Pilloty Ronkpeds, Burgop Schooner.
Rewy Jop. Hujgar. Rettypom Schnelb,

Popolokop. Zimporgoffs.
Yorn Cabblings Flabbidge, The Coople.

Seafood flyblow stick. I’m a seafood flyblow stick.

Ranny Hootmots in a padge of spurking—
shon tasty wow. Gibnopling hackjobs,
the yoopquids sain thinny vood.

Get me a corked season head,
fallow hood, crotch be of slimy.
          Simpertoon Gabling, the rabbling coon,
          scratched me back all afternoon and
          Grimble Dobling been haves,
big kitty den was, a big pwee kee:
she was big and pretty and she’s good,
my jaguaranda.



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