Butch, Jotting Thoughts on Hotel Bar Napkins

Straight pool, teddy bears, dominoes on a glass table,
rain in the morning keeping you inside with her
beneath wool. Plenty of ice.
The Snowbird tribe called me White Bear.

Dang tart bling sting like a three ring circus binder,
dogtooth, zigzag, and dots.

May plan a gambling journey with this insider info:
nachos are a key component of cinematic debauchery.
No coke nodes, just the buzzing of beer.

Welcome back to the factory.
Do you feel rejuvenated as if you've had a vacation,
or is it as though you never left?
Yes, you would be welcome.
Only do when the drink is thick.

Chookalooka, The Worlds of Fashion Have Consisted Us.
Stations in the grass had me fawning over existence
with fancy mineral ablutions. If I could tackle you
into that there pool I would. And fancy has me
doing so in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1Ö

Tramper Stamper, glisten with your inner gears!
Bold brazier of copper blazing,
cherry blossoms gone in their haunted gowns,
the sunís saw bowed like whippoorwills.

Work the hasp, come clean the lock,
the clocks have bled to time sheets!
Shallow fawns simmer in sinners' shadow fans.

Late again, the rolling dozers of sin.
Slopping in the blankets he tapped ashes on her ankle.
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