Simon Magus

For the self not self,
some swerve to darkening. 
To chug, again be bound
by lacy lusts,
for anger's crown to license
what thou will,
to mistake and drink down
promise after promise
when stopping for sickness
never is enough.
Draco infallible max
in winter sky,
IAO onward, scourge and shield
of he whose legs are snakes.

Mind, Word, Intelligence, Wisdom, Strength

A fool’s status
and an ego upbraided.
Good things happen,
paradox of a talisman
made from speech trouble.
Without infringing, reflect
an ability to live
visibly invisible.

Learning to know all
while remaining yourself unknown.

--~--|   ABRASAX   |--~--

See what lacks:
charged as a common criminal,
you think too much.
The intelligences know not
of beings above them,
a cuneiform map of 365 spirits—
yet all souls struggle upward;
all new names taste metallic,
a shivering in unity.

Growing old we fancy things
  we most despised when we were young,
  reverse rebellion in the garden
whose foliage is brutally clipped,
no arbors left to stand against, to piss upon.

  Four rivers flowing out of Eden
are see=hear=smell=taste/touch
and the fire is three in one, immovable
in the center where the tree grows.

Umscammion Shastkipple
Dagoments Vase
Jordoz Quallion

Black stallions of night
and black stallions of mind,
black candles of time
in the rudiments of Quelb.

Spiritual truth is buried papyri
tempered by thrums of a heresiarch.
Exhume us now for we are handsome, dead,
thespian figures in some nonsense corps,
awaiting he who has stood, stands, and shall stand.
We die daily, tails in our mouths.
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